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Looking for someone to move all your cherished possessions with professional care by a family business? With your values at heart and your pocket in mind? Then look no further.


Try our Prepack and move service


For small homes, we offer “Pack and Move” service which means one removalist will pack your items into packing boxes whilst the other removalist start loading the truck.


For large homes we prefer to pack the day prior to the relocation. Our staff will organise an inspection to the property to identify the scope of works you require for the packing and assess any items or personal effects that you require up to the time to your move. Once your requirements have been assessed, we will pack up your belongings to a standard where we are happy to do the relocation the following day.


If you still require to sleep in the same location for over night, we will be leaving some unpacked cartons for essential items, such as the bedding on your bed or the contents of your fridge.


Our policy with pre-packing is to make sure the majority of the work is done ready for transportation to your new home the following day. Boxes will be stored in piles for easy access the following day in a location that can be selected by you.


Try our Aftermove unpacking service:


We also offer a home unpacking service which commences on arrival at the drop off address with a specialist unpacker. Our dedicated unpacker will then start unpacking as the truck is unloaded, with the aim of having the truck unloaded at the same time as the unpacking finishes. Or we can do it on the next day if you prefer.





We can move your belongings to:

  • Local (Sydney Metro Areas)
  • Country ( in NSW)
  • Interstate*
  • Overseas*

*Our logistic expert will contact you as soon as you required.


Furniture is often some of the most important key pieces you own in your home or office. We provide a dedicated and professional removals service, with high standards of personalised care and the resources, expertise and international and national relationships to ensure a quality furniture relocation, door to door. Ensuring your furniture arrives safely, undamaged and on time.


Protect your furniture by choosing a company with a reputation for excellence. With years of experience in the removal of heavy, delicate and oddly shaped items, even Piano relocation.


BigRed Moving are experts in furniture relocations. Our dedicated removalist teams understand how to prepare, pack and load your furniture to ensure your furniture is well-protected throughout its journey.


We also provide relocation services to:

  • Factory
  • Shop
  • Office
  • Kitchen & Joinery
  • Goverment Jobs


We offer a range of business removals services including office, employee and Shop relocations, Furniture fit outs and Joinery Delivery. We also provide protection for your floor and carpets, lift padding and glass and door frames during furniture and office relocations.



Furniture Assemble and Disassemble Service

We can always help you to assemble or disassemble your furniture with a fraction of a cost. It is a free service if you choose to move with us.




We can arrange safe, cheap storage facilities for you upon your request.



We sell Packing Material

We sell good quality packing materials if you ever happen to be run out of them. We can either deliver to your door step or bring them along on the moving day for you. Pre-odering is essential so we can prepare all the packing materials for you leaving you stress free!