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Looking for someone to move all your cherished possessions with professional care by a family business? With your values at heart and your pocket in mind? Then look no further.

Moving Tips

Things to do Well Ahead of time:

  • Carefully read Dangerous Goods Listing and dispose of all flammable goods and prohibited items.
  • Seek advice from the manufacturers of your washing machine, fridge, freezer and other appliances as they often require attention.
  • Sell or dispose of any unwanted furniture.
  • Arrange for somebody to mind your children or pets on packing and uplift days, if possible.
  • Collect your family’s medical and dental records. If renting, advise your landlord.
  • If you have a pet remember to change/update it’s registration with your local council.
  • Research information about your new location: supermarket, hospital, petrol station, schools etc.
  • *Disassemble any built-in fixtures and fittings, ready for transport.
  • *Disassemble outdoor items i.e swing sets and cubby houses and place all bolts and screws in a clearly marked envelope.
  • *Disassemble all prefabricated furniture ready for transport, particularly computer desks.
  • Sign, date and return your ‘Quotation Acceptance’ Ensure all required documentation is returned to your moving consultant at your earliest convenience.
  • Remember to let your neighbours know!


Things to do One Week ahead of time:

  • Ensure all accommodation and travel arrangements are booked and confirmed.
  • Ensure fuel is drained from fuel driven appliances such as lawn mowers and whipper snippers.
  • Make sure any gas cylinders have been emptied and certified by an authorised gas cylinder test station. Your local garage may assist. Please do not do this task yourself.
  • Collect any dry-cleaning or laundry items


Tasks to perform The Day Before your move:

  • If packing yourself, ensure all cartons are packed, sealed and clearly labelled ready for collection.
  • Keep all valuable jewellery, passports important documentation, medical documents, travel and insurance documents, money, tickets etc with you as this cannot travel with the move.
  • Have your pets ready for collection. Remember to send a familiar toy along for the trip.
  • Empty and hose all rubbish/compost bins.
  • Pack items separately that you will need straight away, including a box of toys for the kids.
  • If paying for the removal yourself, please ensure payment is confirmed prior to moving day.
  • Empty, defrost and thoroughly towel dry your fridge and freezer. Quickly wipe-over the inside using vanilla essence, to keep it fresh!
  • Prepare electrical goods for transportation as per manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Disconnect stereo system and computer equipment. Tape all wires and leads together. Remember to remove all CDs and DVDs.
  • Please arrange to be at your home on both packing and uplift days. If you cannot attend, please have someone you can trust to attend and act as your representative.
  • Remove all waste from your kitchen – bins, pantry etc.
  • Take the remote garage door opener out of your car.



The following commodities cannot be accepted for transport (Air, Sea or Road) under any circumstances.


CATEGORY 1: Flammable Liquids

Oils, Petrol, Paints, Varnish, Kerosene, Turpentine, Pure Alcohol, Methylated Spirits, Photographic Developers


CATEGORY 2: Toxins & Poisons

Arsenic, Polishes, Pesticides, Weed Killers etc., and any item exhibiting visible signs of Mould


CATEGORY 3: Explosives

Flares, Fireworks, Ammunition, Black Powder


CATEGORY 4: Flammable Gases

Oxygen, Methane, Acetylene, Chlorine Gas


CATEGORY 5: Radioactive Material

Wet Batteries


CATEGORY 6: Corrosives

Oxides, Mercury, Caustic Solution


CATEGORY 7:Firearms (see exceptions)

Hand Guns, Military Weapons, Fully Automatic Weapons


CATEGORY 8: Miscellaneous (see exceptions)

Irritants, Matches, Life Rafts, Hand Guns, Scuba Tanks, Aerosol Cans, Pressurised Vessels, Butane Lighters and Refills, Explosive devices of any kind, Gas Cylinders, (including home soft drink makers)